Flying during COVID-19 Pandamic

Do you need to fly to see a loved one during this uncertain time? Flying can become stressful and add to the uncertainty of today. We have spoken to experts and put together some tips for you to make flying as safe as possible. It is highly recommended that you not fly if not needed. There are many places around the country and world with very active coronavirus cases. Airplanes and airports bring people together in ways that we may not plan for.

Here are some tips:

  1. Get PCR (nasal/oral swab) tested before travel. Results take 3-7 days to come back. Isolate yourself after test. If positive, cancel travel. PCR tests for the actual virus. A instant test is very accurate if positive, but not as accurate if negative, so not a good idea if you want to know more accurately if you are negative.

  2. Once you land get the PCR test again and isolate yourself while you wait for results. Preplan to know how and where you can get tested in your destination city.

  3. Try booking first flight in the morning, so no one has used the plane over night. It’s when they do all the deep cleaning. Research the airline to make sure they are still cleaning.

  4. Book non-stop if possible. Highly recommended as this decreased contact with people getting on and off.

  5. Book business/first class if 2 people traveling and you can sit next to each other. Some airlines that offer this may not be doing as good of a job with social distancing in general.

  6. Book airlines keeping middle seat open and doing vigorous cleaning.

  7. Wear a mask at all times- airport, security, on the plane.

  8. Wear a face shield

  9. Take hand sanitizer (TSA allows 12 oz)

  10. Take wipes- wipe all surfaces: tray top and bottom, arm rests, windows, seat belt, seat, air vent and knobs

  11. Sit at the window seat- less exposure to those walking by and no one on one side of you.

  12. Front row or back row limits the people around you. Front you will have no one standing in line for the bathroom.

  13. Keep your air vent open as some airlines are filtering air more frequently.

  14. Take your own snacks/drink. (Don’t use if not needed) Try not to eat or drink on flight

  15. Try not to use the restroom. If you must, wipe down handles, and things in restroom you may touch

  16. Don’t touch your face. Face shield helps with this.

  17. Gloves don’t help if you keep them on all the time and touch everything with them. Gloves only if you take off and throw once you touch something.

  18. Don’t use the trays at security. Put everything in your carry on bag/purse.

  19. Use paperless check in.

  20. Change your clothes as soon as you reach your destination and isolate yourself.

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