Wow, August went by fast. We spent more time in the office seeing patients. It felt great to reconnect with patients in person during this time.

August had a lot of good memories. We celebrated 3 birthdays! Josh, our office manager, Dr. Sapna Rajput’s and mine. Some great cake from Whole Foods was a nice break to our busy week.

Our student from Yale brought in her beautiful dog one day and it was a blast. Great relaxation for all the staff.

Teaching and staying on top of medical education has always been some thing we have strived to do. It keeps everyone in the office on their toes having to think about the questions that students are always asking and curious about. It keeps us in check about why we do the things we do on a daily basis.

A bit about our patients:

In this last week, we took care of 3 covid positive patients via telemedicine. Thankfully they are all doing well and recovering from the virus.

We had the opportunity to give 2 families great news about being pregnant. One of them had been trying for longer than they wanted and it was so exciting to confirm for them that they were pregnant.

We were able to keep 2 families having to go to the ER/Urgent Care because they were able to text me and got the answers they needed without having to worry. One was a little boy who dropped a large remote control car on his foot and it swelled up. A quick text, video chat and urgent care/ER was averted.

The other was a young lady with a bad headache. A text message to me, a phone call and 5 minutes later, calmness. It was a tension headache.

All in all it was another great week!

Dr. Neesheet Parikh

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