Frequently asked questions

Do I need health insurance to join?

SiliconValleyDPC is for anyone regardless of if they have insurance or not. We do highly recommend you atleast have an insurance plan to cover major services such as hospitalizations, surgery, etc. Many of our patients have a high deductible plan, so they pay a lower monthly premium, plus our fees and they still save money every month. We can work with you even if you have insurance plans like Kaiser. Lastly, no matter how good your insurance plan, it still does not cover the benefits our members receive.

Why don't more doctors take phone call, text and email?

Simple. Its not covered by insurance companies. Its discouraged by the insurance companies. They only cover face to face visits. Today, much of your care can be done via, phone, video, text and/or email and yet you're made to come into the office.

Is DPC more into prevention and traditional care?

Traditional doctors do care about prevention and they all do the best they can. It comes down to time and confusion about what insurance will cover and what they won't. DPC doctors don't have to worry about either one, so they can focus more time on you, your family and prevention. DPC doctors don't need to stay in the box created by insurance companies and so they can take care of you the way that is best for you.

What if I need a referral?

As we spend a lot of time caring for our patients, we automatically reduce our referrals. We also have specialist to consult with on patient cases which may help us avoid unneeded referrals. In the case you need a referral for any reason, we have created a steller referral network. We can coordinate care for the referral and will work with that specialist to make sure you are well taken care of. We make the time to communicate with the specialist and make sure to stay on top of whats going on with your care.

How are your medications better priced than the pharmacy?

We work with pharmacy wholesalers and pass the savings straight on to you. We aren't looking to make money off the medications we prescribe. You pay what we pay, plus a little extra for the shipping and handling costs that we incur. Our ultimate goal is to keep you off of medications. Also, we thought it would be so much easier for you to walk out of the office with medication in hand. (If care is done remotely, we can mail it to you, you can come pick it up or we can send it any pharmacy you would like.) If we do not have a medication in stock, we can usually get it by the next day. If there is a medication not on our list, please ask us, we still maybe able to order it for you. *We do not keep and dispense any controlled medications. You will need to go to a pharmacy for this with a prescription, which we can send in for you.