Direct primary Care

 for Employers

By offering Direct Primary Care (DPC) to your employees, you and your employees will both save money. 

Since Primary Care cost will be capped and access is made easy, employees will avoid costly urgent cares and ERs. On average employers can save 20%-40% on their yearly healthcare expenditure.

Rather than pay large amounts on a monthly premium that may or may not be used, look into partnering with us a Direct Primary Care physician plus a high deducible or self-insured insurance plan. This will save you 20%-40% just from your monthly premiums. Having a doctor that is looking out for your employee proactively will increase productivity and decrease time lost from work due to illness.

More than the cost savings, our patients love the access and ease of engaging with their doctor via text, email, phone and video. For 75% of their care, they never have to come into the office.

For Employers that don't offer Health Insurance

Plans starting at $59/month

Many small business struggle with the cost of health insurance premiums, but have employees that need healthcare.

Direct Primary Care can work to cover all the employees Primary Care needs at a fixed low cost.

For Employers that offer Health Insurance

Plans starting at $59/month

With Health Insurance premiums rising, many employers are struggling with justifying the cost of premiums without employees getting health care administered to them.

With a DPC partnership, you can lower your monthly premium and offer a high deductible plan + HSA. As an employer you will see a lower monthly cost on premiums even with adding on DPC and partially funding an HSA.

For Employers that are self insured

Plans starting at $59/month

Working together with Benefits advisors, incorporating a Direct Primary Care plan can bring cost savings plus real change to the way health care is being administered.

We can work with your benefits advisor directly to bring you the best care at the best price.

for details from the Society of Actuaries on DPC benefits and financing