Looking for a physician to provide care for 

Worker's Compensation/Occupational Medicine? 

ParikhHealth provides high quality care to injured workers. 


Millions of Americans spend most of their waking time at their workplace or connected to their workplace. We're are here to ensure that injured employees are treated with the best care and respect. We understand the value of time and communication for both the employees and employers.


We pride ourselves on seeing our patients at their scheduled time and not having them wait. 


Our treating physician, Dr. Sapna Rajput has extensive experience in Occupational Medicine. Dr. Rajput completed her residency training at the Stanford Health O’Connor Family Residency program. She has worked as a Senior Physician in Occupational Medicine at Alliance Occupational Medicine/Concentra.


We are lucky to have her now at ParikhHealth.  Patients connect well with Dr. Rajput because of her genuine care and interest in them as individuals.

Dr. Rajput provides us an ideal mix as an Occupational Medicine provider. Employers and employees have loved working with Dr. Rajput. She has a wealth of information, is easy to talk to and believes in open, fast communication with employers.


She works with patients to find a treatment plan that best suits them so they can thrive on their road to recovery and safely return back to work.


"Recovery takes time, compassion, and a well thought-out plan. It's important that my patients have my full attention so they can heal faster."

Dr. Sapna Rajput

Instructions for Booking Appt.

If you are an employer interested in our services or employee looking for a wonderful Occupational Medicine Physician, please call our office or come by and visit us anytime.


We are offering telemedicine for the patients also.  By using their computer or smartphone, your employees can get treatment for initial injuries, rechecks, etc.

To schedule appointments, you can call our office or schedule online. 


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