Audrey Wong

Certified Massage Therapist

CAMTC #77103

Audrey - Massage Therapist -

Audrey has serviced clients and patients throughout the South Bay since 1996.  She graduated from Western College of Massage in campbell in 1996 and just completed DeAnza College's Associate Arts Degree (1020 hour program) in 2019. 


She is passionate about learning the most updated techniques to help her clients with their aches and pains,  and continues to take Continuing Education advance courses in Massage and Manual Therapy.  

Her specialty is applying Orthopedic Manual Therapy to bring pain relief, greater range of motion, and increased feeling of well-being to her patients.  Manual Therapy goes deeper to root causes of relieving pain and stiffness.  Oftentimes patients have body restrictions/adhesions in the form of knots, tight muscles, pain.  These restrictions are caused by lack of movement, bad posture, injury, and stress.  If those adhesions are not addressed early on, it can lead to more serious issues such as headaches/migraines, sciatica pain, frozen shoulder,  debilitating back pain, and in some instances carpal tunnel.  


Audrey helps frees up the restrictions so that her patients can to on to lead pain free lifestyles with greater options of movement.  She also teaches her patients self-help tips of how to maintain this preferred lifestyle.