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Dr. Neesheet Parikh, DO

Family, Sports, Osteopathic Medicine

When Dr. Parikh was a toddler, his favorite toy was a play school doctors kit. He loves what he does! Medicine is not only a job for Dr. Parikh, but a passion. His patients aren't just people, but they're like family. When choosing a specialty after medical school, Dr. Parikh knew he wanted a long term relationship with individuals and wanted to treat them holistically. Family Medicine was a fit! After completing his family medicine training through Downey Regional Medical Center in  Los Angeles County, he went on to complete a Sports Medicine Fellowship with the prestigious San Diego Sports Medicine Clinic. There he got to work with Olympians, NFL, NCAA, X-game and high school athletes. Today, Dr. Parikh brings the experience of working with athletes to all his patients (athlete or not), to enhance their care.


  • Silver Creek High School- San Jose

  • Truman State University, Missouri

  • Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Missouri

  • Family Medicine Residency, Downey Regional Medical Center

  • Fellowship with San Diego Family & Sports Medicine, San Diego


  • Yale University- Faculty

  • Georgetown University- Clinical Instructor

  • Humanitarian Award

  • Top Doctor Silicon Valley: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020

Meet The Team


Mansi Parikh, DPT

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Mansi is the silent voice behind SiliconValleyDPC and has brought it to fruition.  As a Pediatric Physical Therapist, she understands the immense need for a close, trusting relationship between doctors and their patients. She is currently working with us in operations.

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Josh Entrekin, CMA (AAMA)

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Josh takes care of everything in the office that is needed to be done. He's there for our patients and on the frontlines of making sure things are getting done and patient care never falters.

Megha Patel, EMT

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Megha, joined us last year and has been a solid part of our office. She has been working on special projects, patient care as well as on the frontlines of COVID-19 testing.

She is planning to go to Physician Assistant School.

why we do it

Remember when a family doctor meant that the same doctor who saw your grandfather, was now taking care of your daughter? This meant the doctor had a layer of information about your health (family, stressors, personality, body make-up, hobbies, lifestyle, etc) that is proven to be linked to your physical well-being, yet largely overlooked in primary care today. Dr. Parikh has always believed in this way of practicing medicine, and Silicon Valley Direct Primary Care is here to return us to holistic, wholesome, continuous, unbroken care, irrespective of your insurance plan.